I would like to lead the most open and transparent administration there can be. I believe that starts with the Mayor’s office.

  • I promise no political appointments (jobs for the boys and girls).
  • I promise that all salaries greater than the PMs will be made public.
  • I promise to create a council of ten advisors from across greater Manchester’s civic, communal, religious, student and other walks of life, to be my sounding board and your voice.

The Mayor’s website will have as much information on the services our boroughs and cities, housing associations and other public bodies provide, so you can compare and hold them to account.

Most of all, I will be the whistle blowers champion. I will create the most robust charter ever drafted, so that the likes of North Staffordshire cannot happen on my watch. I will listen and take advice from professionals; not the ‘experts’ sitting in London, who have never worked in our great public services.