It’s time for genuine democratic accountability

It has come to my attention that a group of the largest housing developers are hosting hustings between the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates, on the 10th February.

I have to question the motive of companies involved in the construction industry holding hustings with these candidates, especially with the spectre of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework looming over the region.

It’s very telling the candidates are choosing to attend hustings, which is charging £100+VAT per ticket and a champagne reception, especially in these austere times of rising numbers having to use Foodbanks just to put food on the table.

I can only speculate that the reason I wasn’t invited is due to my opposition to the unwarranted building on our Green Belt land, and all too cosy deals between the developers and councils, against the public interest.

Only UKIP have the interests of the common man in Greater Manchester at heart. Only UKIP have no interest in seeking favour with construction companies who have vested financial interests in ensuring the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, as it currently stands, remains the same.

Only UKIP are willing to stand up for the people across Greater Manchester, from Trafford to Oldham, Bury to Stockport; and I promise that when elected Mayor, the current Greater Manchester Spatial Framework plans will be scrapped, and a full consultation will be launched. One which has genuine democratic accountability and consults widely amongst the people of Greater Manchester – the real vested interests – not just big corporations.

This consultation will focus on hearing the opinions of local people, the people who have to live with these far-reaching changes, and to look at possible alternatives to building on our protected Green Belt land.

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